Monday, April 5, 2010

My 2010 Easter Parade

Easter Sunday I went out again for a long walk in the Arizona sunshine; following a beaten-sand pathway along a low traffic road. On a previous day there had been a lady leading a white horse down that path.

I saw no horseback riders this time though, along the path to the
Agua Caliente Wash

Two rabbits were foraging among the desert scrub and a large hawk was patrolling the area in the blue sky overhead. It took no notice of the bunnies, though. Not at that moment, anyway. Nor did I. Who would want to see a photo of wild rabbits in the desert? And that hawk circling in the sky was much too high for my little Nikon.

Although I've been in Arizona for two full weeks now, I've still seen no wild coyotes yet. Sure have heard lots of them though, howling in the night and stirring up all the dogs in region. I am constantly on the lookout.

Even though I saw no horses or riders that Easter day, I had suspicions that they had been there recently.

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