Wednesday, April 10, 2013


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For some reason I have been unable to write seriously for the last few weeks.

Might be nothing more than a combination of physical and mental ravages of old age. Or it could be the culmination of a lifetime of effort avoidance.

I am just so damned tired all the time.

But I will keep on trying.



Have a mutual relationship or connection, in which one thing affects or depends on another.
Each of two or more related or complementary things.
verb  relate
noun correlative - correlation



Harry Morgan
(April 10, 1915-December 7, 2011)

American actor and director whose television and film career spanned six decades. Morgan's major roles included Pete Porter in both December Bride (1954–1959) and Pete and Gladys (1960–1962); Officer Bill Gannon on Dragnet (1967–1970); Amos Coogan on Hec Ramsey (1972–1974); and for his starring role as Colonel Sherman T. Potter in M*A*S*H (1975–1983) and AfterMASH (1983–1984). Morgan also appeared in more than 100 films.

Chuck Connors
(April 10,1921 - November 10, 1992)

American actor, writer, and professional basketball and baseball player. His best-known role from his forty-year film career was Lucas McCain in the 1960s ABC hit western series The Rifleman.

Haley Joel Osment
(born April 10, 1988)

American actor. After a series of roles in television and film during the 1990s, including a small part in Forrest Gump playing Tom Hanks' title character’s son, Osment rose to fame with his performance as Cole Sear in M. Night Shyamalan's thriller film The Sixth Sense, which earned him a nomination for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He subsequently appeared in leading roles in several high-profile Hollywood films including Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Mimi Leder's Pay it Forward. He made his Broadway debut in 2008 in a short-lived revival of David Mamet's play, American Buffalo, starring John Leguizamo and Cedric the Entertainer. Osment is also well known for his voice-role of Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Steven Seagal
(born April 10, 1952)

American action film star, producer, writer, martial artist, guitarist and reserve deputy sheriff. A 7th-dan black belt in Aikido, Seagal began his adult life as an Aikido instructor in Japan. He became the first foreigner to operate an Aikido dojo in Japan.

Seagal made his film debut in 1988 in Above the Law. By 1991, he had starred in three successful films, and would go on to achieve greater fame in Under Siege (1992), where he played Navy SEALs counter-terrorist expert Casey Rybac, On Deadly Ground (1994, which he directed) and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995), The Patriot, and Half Past Dead (2002)


It is easy to sit up and take notice, What is difficult is getting up and taking action.
--Honore de Balzac

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