Thursday, June 6, 2013

Watching TV


For quite some time now I have been watching a continuing TV series titled Through The Wormhole, hosted by Morgan Freeman. It is a continuing education type program covering many aspects of human life as well as concepts accepted as truths about the universe and all that makes it up.

The latest few episodes left the workings of the cosmos and were concerned with the workings of the human mind, how it seems to work as a function of the brain/body combination.

The last two episodes were not so interesting; One of these was an hour-long study on the existence of Evil, with no real definition of evil itself. merely the implication that all people know what evil is -- the second and last episode was an enquiry into whether perhaps the entire universe is one gigantic living being?

I spent the whole day watching this show. And I am not sure if I learned anything of lasting value.

But I was pleasantly entertained.

What more can one ask?

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