Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lessons by Guest Blogger


We're all learning things during this time away from home.

Harry has learned to tell the difference between his phone charger and mine.

I've learned that there are five people I know still working at the hotel I left seven years ago.

And Tracker has learned about automatic sprinklers.

He's staying with friends, getting along pretty well with their lab cross. (If you remember "Christian," this is Christian's home, and when we took the dog over, Christian drew a picture on his etch-a-sketch -- stick boy and stick dog with captions and arrows: Christian and Trackr.)

There, though, he's not the pampered housedog. He stays and sleeps outside. That house has automatic sprinklers, which come on in the wee hours of the morning.

The first morning he was there, Christian's mom said she heard Tracker and looked outside. He was absolutely soaked. Apparently, he didn't move quickly enough when the sprinklers started "sputting."

I feel like a divorced parent, because I pick the dog up on weekends. During last Saturday's painting party Tracker discovered he can howl.

There are other lessons, too. I now know I'm not meant to be a traveling salesman. Hotel life is fine for awhile, but not for long-term. I've learned I don't want to refinish hardwood floors for a living, either. The guys who did our floors (finished yesterday) worked very hard for three days.

Being a mover is out, too, since I watched those guys move our home into storage. I felt like we were moved by giant spiders, because everything got wrapped in plastic and during the move at any given moment two or three pieces of furniture would be standing upright in the living room, shrouded in what looked like webbing.

I'm also very glad I no longer work at the hotel.

So what do I want to be when I grow up? A fishkeeper, I think, since our aquarium is being delivered on October 8.

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