Monday, October 29, 2012

I Admit That I Did It

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President of the United States, Senator, Congressman, Judges, Sheriff, Dog Catcher, and all the rest. All the hopeful candidates.

Well, not a one of them matters a whit to me.

Yep! I did it.

Last Thursday morning. I held my nose and marked my ballot, sealed it in the postage-paid envelope, then surreptitiously slipped it into the rural roadside mailbox.

So that means, I suppose, that I should have nothing more to write about concerning the election until November 7, 2012... at the very earliest.

Below are a couple of questions followed by Wiki-based answers which you may  or may not know.

What exactly is a republic?

The term republic most commonly means a system of government which derives its power from the people rather than from another basis, such as heredity or divine right. This remains the primary definition of the word republic in most contexts.

Federal republic -- a federal union of states or provinces with a republican form of government. Examples include Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Germany, India, Russia, the United States, and Switzerland.

What exactly is a democracy?

Several variants of democracy exist, but there are two basic forms, both of which concern how the whole body of citizens executes its will. One form of democracy is direct democracy, in which citizens have direct and active participation in the decision making of the government. In most modern democracies, the whole body of citizens remain the sovereign power but political power is exercised indirectly through elected representatives; this is called representative democracy.

Majority rule is sometimes listed as a characteristic of democracy. Hence, democracy allows for political minorities to be oppressed by the "tyranny of the majority"

This stuff is probably no big deal; I just thought you might be interested in reading the above. That's all.



surreptitiously [suhr-uhp-tish-uhs-lee]
Synonyms: covertly, privately, secretly, stealthily



Richard Dreyfuss
Born Oct 29, 1947
Age: 64 years old

Richard Stephen Dreyfuss is an American actor best known for starring in a number of film, television, and theater roles since the late 1960s, including the films American Graffiti, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Goodbye Girl, Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Always, What About Bob?, Poseidon, Mr. Holland's Opus, and James and the Giant Peach.

Born Oct 29, 1921
Died: Jan 22, 2003

William Henry "Bill" Mauldin was a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist from the United States. He was most famous for his World War II cartoons depicting American soldiers, as represented by the archetypal characters "Willie and Joe", two weary and bedraggled infantry troopers who stoically endure the difficulties and dangers of duty in the field. These cartoons were broadly published and distributed in the American army abroad and in the United States.

 Willie and Joe

Born Oct. 29, 1891
Died May 29, 1951

Fanny Brice (born Fania Borach) was a popular and influential American illustrated song model, comedian, singer, theater and film actress, who made many stage, radio and film appearances and is known as the creator and star of the top-rated radio comedy series, The Baby Snooks Show. Thirteen years after her death, she was portrayed on the Broadway stage by Barbra Streisand in the musical Funny Girl and its 1968 film adaptation.

Note: When I was a little kid in the 1940s, the Baby Snooks radio show kept me and the whole family laughing.

Born Oct 29, 1948
Age: 63 years old

Kate Jackson is an American actress, director, and producer, perhaps best known for her role as Sabrina Duncan in the popular 1970s television series Charlie's Angels. Jackson is a three-time Emmy Award nominee in the Best Actress category, has been nominated for several Golden Globe Awards, and has won the titles of Favorite Television Actress in England, and Favorite Television Star in Germany—several times—for her work in the television series Scarecrow and Mrs. King. She co-produced that series through her production company, Shoot the Moon Enterprises Ltd., with Warner Brothers Television. Jackson has starred in a number of theatrical and TV films, and played the lead role on the short-lived television adaptation of the film Baby Boom.


I was up late last night yapping about the elections on CNN and up early this morning doing the same thing in my daughter's kindergarten class.
--Tucker Carlson

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