Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013


Wee Warrior

The new puppy, who was eventually named "Tracker" after he'd been with us a little over a week, is now becoming most brave.

He barks at intruders, which has so far included Christen's laundry basket and the stuff stored behind a door.

He terrorizes the cat, which is obvious in the way they tussle together.

He wrestles things into submission when needed, which has included his food bowl and the towel he naps on.

He attacks anything he thinks needs attacking, which usually means it's moving, and most certainly includes our feet as we walk across the room.

It took about two weeks for him to realize he could actually be in another room -- away from us -- and not immediately die. It took him a little longer than that to realize that yes, he could indeed sleep on the floor (in a plush doggie bed) while we slept two stories above him in the bed, and not immediately die.

It took until last week for him to discover that if he antagonizes the cat too often, he could very well die. (Actually, that's not true; even though the cat did manage to get a few yelps from him, he really hasn't learned anything and didn't even leave the cat alone for a full day.)

Life is a learning adventure, and we aren't excluded. The wonder of the first raindrops on his nose, the sureness in those little eyes that the rain is coming from you (this must be *your* fault!), the excitement of unrolling toilet paper... we're finding things on the floor we didn't even know were there. Every waking second is a joy and wonderment, with so many possibilities to explore and so many crannies to get stuck in, we don't know where to start.

But he does. He has no doubts, no hesitation. If it doesn't move, it must be for chewing on. If it moves, he chases it, growls at it, or barks. If it was moving and stopped when growled at, it must be good to eat.

He's a relentless wee warrior, rarely still. Whose idea was this, again?

Copyright 2013 Michelle Hakala

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