Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gettin' Old Ain't Much Fun

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Yesterday I was afflicted by one of the most disturbing experiences within this decade I refer to as my 70s. After my usual uploading of my daily blog, I tuned in to the morning's CBS World News, during which I ate my breakfast, an egg and cheese on a bun sandwich. About an hour later, I felt such an overpowering fatigue that I could do nothing more than crawl into bed and close my eyes. There was no sleep involved. I merely lay there with my eyes closed and hoped for the recovery of sufficient energy to get up and do something.

At nine o'clock I roused myself enough to switch on my bedside radio, which was tuned to the local talk-radio station (KNST), and listened to the various rants and ravings of good ol' Rush Limbaugh. There must have been some magic in the talk-meister's words because at eleven o'clock I arose and went about my daily business just as if that weird hiatus of physical activity and mental reasoning had not occurred.

While reading some of my usual blogs, I remembered: Thursday night after watching a repeat episode of The Big Bang Theory followed by Two and a half Men, I went off to bed to read from my Kindle. Fell asleep at eight thirty -- and didn't realize until now that I had missed the current Thursday night showing of Hannibal.

I wonder if that could possibly have something to do with my strange malady.

No. That's ridiculous.

The next day I went to the NBC website and watched the Hannibal episode I'd missed.

It was slow, dull, boring, and I decided that I would stop watching it on Thursday nights. It is just a badly written, badly presented show.

I wonder how others judge it.



Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie Chaplin look alike contest.


On this day, May 25, in 1977, 20th Century Fox released George Lucas' space odyssey Star Wars. Though Fox released Star Wars in only 42 theaters, it primed its target audience of science-fiction fans with a massive publicity campaign. By the end of its first week, the film had made $3 million, and by the end of the summer it would rake in some $100 million.



1. Characterized by nobility; majestic.
a. Of high spiritual, moral, or intellectual worth.
b. Not to be excelled; supreme.
3. Inspiring awe; impressive.
amazing, astonishing, astounding, awesome, fabulous, miraculous, stunning, stupendous, marvelous, surprising, wonderful, wondrous



Michael John "Mike" Myers

(born May 25, 1963)
Mike Myers is a Canadian actor, comedian, singer, screenwriter, and film producer. He is most known for his roles in various popular films, including playing the title characters of the films Wayne's World, Austin Powers, and Shrek. He has also been a recurring member of the cast of the NBC sketch show Saturday Night Live.

Anne Celeste Heche
(born May 25, 1969)
Anne Heche is an American actress. She has had leading roles in two theatrically released films, Six Days Seven Nights and Return to Paradise, as well as many supporting roles in films such as I Know What You Did Last Summer, Volcano, John Q, Donnie Brasco, Spread, and Cedar Rapids. She also starred in the television series Men in Trees and Hung.

Heche's same-sex relationship with comedienne Ellen DeGeneres and the events following their breakup became subjects of widespread media interest. The couple started dating in 1997. They broke up in August 2000. Heche has stated that all of her other romantic relationships have been with men. Prior to DeGeneres she dated I Know What You Did Last Summer producer Neal Moritz.

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson
(May 25, 1878 - November 25, 1949)
Bill Robinson was an American tap dancer and actor of stage and film. Audiences enjoyed his understated style, which eschewed the frenetic manner of the jitterbug in favor of cool and reserve; rarely did he use his upper body, relying instead on busy, inventive feet, and an expressive face.

A figure in both the black and white entertainment worlds of his era, he is best known today for his dancing with Shirley Temple in a series of films during the 1930s, and for starring in the 1943 musical Stormy Weather, loosely based on Robinson's own life.

Claude Marion Akins
(May 25, 1926 - January 27, 1994)
Claude Akins was an American actor with a long career on stage, screen and television. Powerful in appearance and voice, Akins could be counted on to play the clever (or less than clever) tough guy, on the side of good or bad, in movies and television. He is best remembered as Sheriff Lobo in the 1970s TV series B. J. and the Bear, and later The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo, a spin-off series, with Ben Cooper appearing as Waverly.


The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is to not hate them, but to be indifferent to them.
--George Bernard Shaw

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