Sunday, May 19, 2013

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Do Dog!

Tracker grows like a weed and is starting to look like a dog. Training is going well in some places; not so well in others.

It appears we have a Do Dog.

First we thought we had an Action Dog. "Sit" he caught really quickly. "Stay" was pretty fast, too. But when we got to "Ball" or "Cow" (another toy) or "Cat" (as in Get Off The Cat!), he wasn't so bright.

Now we know better. He's not an Action Dog, he's a Do Dog. Action words which require doing, he does well. Action words which require not doing, on the other hand, he just doesn't get.

No Bite, No Jump, Don't Pee On The Carpet, Don't Harass The Cat, Leave The Dirty Clothes Alone, Stay Out Of The Trash....  all these, and probably some I've forgotten, he hasn't caught on to yet.

We have patience, though, and hope.

In the meantime, since he's much better with do words, we'll be working on:
Bring In The Mail
Pay The Bills....

Copyright 2013 Michelle Hakala

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