Sunday, July 14, 2013

Violations, by Today's Guest Blogger


As the house prepares itself for a surgery, many things are taking place. Supplies are being purchased, shelves stocked, contingencies planned for. High on the list is comfort.

Mine, of course, but also that of those helping me out in this to-come time of non-mobility.

I've had Terminix spray for earwigs.

I've had the new-puppy-carpet cleaned.

And I had a second satellite receiver installed, so there'll be television reception in two rooms now.

Amid all this bustle come people. The lady who sprayed for bugs. The man who noisily cleaned the carpets. And two sweaty guys to install the receiver.

They arrived early. I wasn't yet home from work, because they weren't scheduled to be there for another half an hour. The only one home was Christen, my niece. She reluctantly let them in (she knew they were coming and also knew they were early) and showed them where the receiver was to go. Then they discovered they didn't have a paper I'd need to sign, so they left. They hadn't returned yet when I got home.

Christen had all the interior house doors shut. "I feel violated when people come to the door," my niece told me.

I laughed and told her she'd been around me too long. That's the way I'm supposed to feel, not her! I was still chuckling about that when the two sweaty guys returned. (And yes, I do feel violated when people come to the door.)

I let them in, took them to the room-to-be-installed, and watched them work awhile. Pretty soon, the larger, more sweaty one said he needed to see the original receiver. Well, now, that's in Christen's room. So I told Christen the guys needed to see the original receiver. She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Okay, give me a minute."

She went into her room and did something with the door shut. (I think she was hiding all those things you don't want strangers to see; you know, the clean laundry waiting on the bed to be put away -- which of course includes panties, right there on top.) Back out she came and as she passed me, she rolled her eyes again. "Violated," she whispered.

Oh, yeah. She's definitely been around me way too long.

Copyright 2013 Michelle Hakala

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