Sunday, January 26, 2014

Percentages by Guest Blogger


While we're only doing construction on about 10% of our home, it appears we've lost functionality in about 90%.

The new room, which consists of a large open space for a pool table, a half bath, and some pantry area that we have no intention of putting food in, is unusable as yet.

The kitchen is likewise pretty much unusable as well. The trash compactor and microwave are in my dining area, and my kitchen counters are covered with things from elsewhere: Some things from the top of the refrigerator, which was moved twice in the last week; some things from the top of the microwave, which was moved over a week ago to where it sits now; and some things from on top of the trash compactor. Oh, and the "new" garbage, since the trash compactor is currently out of service, also sits on top of a kitchen counter (dog, remember?).

The hall bathroom is unusable. The toilet from it is sitting in the living room, next to all the things that were delivered from Lowe's two weeks ago. (A vanity, two sinks, and two toilets in three parts each. Also in the middle of the living room is an air compressor, various parts, paint, and a plastic bag of Twix.) In the bathroom, the vanity and sink have been replaced, but the wallpaper hasn't been removed yet. The bathtub has been re-sealed, with new fake tile walls, and the pipes replaced, but I haven't been told I can use it, nor has the drywall been sealed. The old linoleum is gone (yay; it was horrid) but new hasn't been put in so the floor in there is particle board, also unsealed as yet.

The master bathroom is mostly unusable, because we were told they'd be ready to work on it and asked to empty it in preparation. That was about two weeks ago, and all the various bathroom items you expect to find in a bathroom are in the computer room as a result.

The computer room is partly unusable because of all the things from elsewhere stacked in it. Ditto on the Green Room, especially since that's where the animals spend their days so add to the stacks: the dog's food, water, and crate, the cat's food, water, and litter box.

Overall, though, there's progress almost every weekday (and some weekends) and the place is looking good. The deck is almost done, there's new linoleum in the kitchen, and the pool table comes this Friday.

When we're done, we're going to have almost a completely new house. That is, after everything gets put away.

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