Friday, June 13, 2014

A Temporary Impasse



A good bookshop is just a genteel Black Hole that knows how to read.
--Terry Pratchett

The New U.S. Poet Laureate

Rivers and mountains glide through my blood.
Cold pillow, bittersweet years.
In the near distance, a plane’s drone
rattles the windows.
Clear night. Wind like a predator
in the sharp grass of the past.
--Charles Wright


One of the reasons for this blog's on-again off-again hiatus is because I am involving myself deeply in writing a new, highly experimental piece of fiction.


Did You Know . . .?

The largest hotel suite in the world is located 22 stories under the surface in the Grand Canyon Caverns. One night for two people in this 65 million year old cave is $700.



On this day in 1967 President Lyndon Johnson appointed U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Thurgood Marshall to fill the seat of retiring Supreme Court Associate Justice Tom C. Clark.

On August 30, after a heated debate, the Senate confirmed Marshall's nomination by a vote of 69 to 11. Two days later, he was sworn in by Chief Justice Earl Warren, making him the first African American in history to sit on America's highest court.



1.  belonging or suited to polite society.
2.  well-bred or refined; polite; elegant; stylish.
3.  affectedly or pretentiously polite, delicate.



(born June 13, 1953)
Tim Allen is an American comedian and actor. He is known for his role in the sitcom Home Improvement. He is also known for his starring roles in several popular films, including the Toy Story film series, The Santa Clause film series, and Galaxy Quest. Since 2011, he has starred as Mike Baxter in the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing.

(born June 13, 1986)
The Olsen Twins collectively, are American actresses. The twins made their acting debut as infants playing Michelle Tanner on the television series Full House.

(born June 13, 1951)
Richard Thomas is an American actor, best known for his leading role as budding author John-Boy Walton in the CBS drama The Waltons.

(born June 13, 1962)
Ally Sheedy is an American film actress and author of two books. Following her film debut in 1983's Bad Boys, she became known as one of the Brat Pack group of actors in the films The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo's Fire. She is also known for her roles in WarGames, Short Circuit and High Art.


Genteel women suppose that those things do not really exist about which it is impossible to talk in polite company.
--Friedrich Nietzsche



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