Thursday, March 25, 2010

A New Landscape For Me

As I promised yesterday , here is one of the pictures of snow that still abides atop one of the Rincon Mountain peaks to the South.

Again today I walked for about a mile down the path that runs alongside the dry wash.

It's much different than walking on the tree-lined sidewalk on Old King's Road back in Jacksonville, Florida. And there was no Winn-Dixie supermarket waiting for me at the end of the mile; so I turned around and walked back to the house.

I saw no quail today nor any roadrunners, but last night Mike asked me to go outside to the pool area and listen to the coyotes singing in the distance; it was a fine chorus indeed, accompanied by the barking and howling of many neighborhood dogs.
I edited to double-space this new paragraph five times and it still kept defaulting to a single space, so to heck with it.
Got some more unpacking of boxes done today. I found some of my old software disks (or is that 'discs'?) and will load them onto this computer eventually. And I also opened two large boxes containing some of my photo albums. Images of long ago people and events. Memories. Nostalgia.

Et cetera...

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  1. Your photographs show the pretty, panoramic view that surrounds an otherwise complicated region. Same is true of this place where I live. Please, enjoy the newness of your time in T.