Sunday, October 23, 2011

Minor Irritants From Modern Technology


I have had so much trouble with the FREE Wi-Fi internet access that my apartment complex provides (such as going down for two or three days at a time several times each month) that I decided to go ahead and sign up with CenturyLink (telephone company) for high-speed Internet. They will be here this coming Monday (tomorrow) to hook up the equipment. I have to pay around $40 each month but I think it will be worth it to not have to worry about whether I will be able to get online each day.

Time will tell, as they say. (Although I once read that the biggest liar in the world is they say.)

I don not own a cell phone. Never have and probably never will, although before I retired in 2001 I had to put up with a company provided cellular monster hanging from my belt and seemingly unable to stop ring, ring, and ringing eternally. Which is probably why I do not want one.

The land-line telephone sitting beside my arm chair is the same one I've used for more than ten years. It's a little blue AT&T Princess phone, but lately it's been acting up. The coiled handset cable no longer makes a good connection and produces lots of static and sometimes cuts me off when I am talking. So this morning while I was out for my walk I stopped in at Walgreens and bought a new little slim line phone. You'll never guess how much it cost. Ha! It was a close-out sale and I got it for only a dollar and a quarter. Wow! Some great deal, huh? And it works fine.

Before I connected it to the wall jack, I tried the headset cable with the old phone and it also worked fine. So that means all I needed to fix the old Princess was a new coiled cable... but a replacement cable costs seven dollars at Radio Shack... Go figure.

While clicking through the TV channels I paused on a godawful afternoon show titled The Talk and heard a woman say, "Doesn't matter what it means, what counts is what it connotates..." Is connotates a valid word, I wonder, or one that has been through popular usage incorrectly coined from the word connotation which stems from the verb to connote -- Who knows?

Doesn't matter, I suppose.


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