Friday, May 25, 2012

Things To Come


One of the earliest tips I received from the professionals when I decided to become a writer was, "Write what you know." The trouble was, being quite young at that time I was convinced that I knew a great deal about everything.

When I finally realized how little I did know, I set out to learn about life.

I learned (the hard way, as always) about:

- How different people in different locations acted and reacted to a sudden stranger in their midst while on the road in the 1950s.

- Las Vegas in the 1960s as seen by a penniless drifter temporarily lodged within a dingy room in a cheap hotel.

- What it was like to be broke and hungry in a small town in Nebraska and then be hired to rake hay in the meadows of a huge ranch.

- Walt Disney World in the 1990s through the eyes of a Houseman slinking around among the chambermaids and the janitors soaking up the truths of the underground beneath the glitter of The Magic Kingdom.

And more . . .

If I can do that to my own satisfaction I might in upcoming days fill this blog with (mostly) true recollections of the various incidents that befell me in those early times.

I might . . .



  1. Damn, Gene, Please do so. I am intrigued. On the road in the 1950s? I want to read about that. I really want to read about that.