Thursday, August 9, 2012

Of The Feminist Persuasion?


Yesterday I read a piece by Richard Carrier in the blog No Country For Women titled Why I Am A Feminist and I enthusiastically recommend that all thinking persons read and absorb its message.

According to Wikipedia, Richard Carrier (born December 1, 1969) is an American historian. He is best known for his writings on Internet Infidels, otherwise known as the Secular Web, where he served as Editor-in-Chief for several years.

As an advocate of atheism and metaphysical naturalism, he has published articles in books, journals and magazines, and also features on the documentary film The God Who Wasn't There, where he is interviewed about his doubts on the historicity of Jesus. He currently contributes to The God Contention, a web site comparing and contrasting various worldviews.

Richard Cevantis Carrier

In his thought provoking No Country For Women guest posting, Mr. Carrier states at one point:

"If you believe women deserve equal treatment under the law (as the 14th amendment requires) and if you believe women ought to be treated in business and culture and personal relations as individuals the same way men are, then you are a feminist. If you don’t believe those things, you are a sexist."

At another point he states:

". . . all rational people will be feminists. Conversely, if you aren’t a feminist, you aren’t a fully rational person."

Of course, that statement as printed here is completely out of context.

So I suggest you read the piece in order to see it in context.


Texas Executes Mentally Disabled Man Based on Rules From John Steinbeck Novel is the headline of a piece published in Mother Jones.

The determinants were posited around the character Lennie Small in Steinbeck's 1937 novel Of Mice and Men.

"Most Texas citizens," the argument ran, "might agree that Steinbeck's Lennie should, by virtue of his lack of reasoning ability and adaptive skills, be exempt" from execution. By implication anyone less impaired than Steinbeck's fictional migrant ranch worker should have no constitutional protection.

Read more . . .



misogyny [mi-soj-uh-nee]
hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.

Misogyny means hatred of women, but is sometimes used to mean despising women or considering them to be less than men - or even less than human. Certain people, and certain cultures, are therefore misogynistic.



Sam Elliott

Born Aug. 9, 1944
Age: 67 years old.

Samuel Pack "Sam" Elliott is an American actor. His rangy physique, thick horseshoe moustache, deep, resonant voice, and Western drawl lend to frequent casting as cowboys and ranchers.

Gillian Anderson

Born Aug. 9, 1968
Age: 43 years old.

Gillian Leigh Anderson is an American actress. After beginning her career in theatre, Anderson achieved international recognition for her role as Special Agent Dana Scully on the American television series The X-Files. Her film work includes The House of Mirth (2000), The Mighty Celt (2005), The Last King of Scotland (2006), and two X-Files films, The X-Files (1998) and The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008).

Robert Shaw

Born Aug. 09, 1927
Died Aug. 28, 1978

Robert Archibald Shaw was an English actor and novelist, remembered for his performances in From Russia with Love (1963), A Man for All Seasons (1966), The Sting (1973), the original The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974), Black Sunday (1977), The Deep (1977) and Jaws (1975), where he played the shark hunter Quint.


Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.

--Pat Robertson

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