Sunday, October 13, 2013

Last Track by Guest Blogger

Tracker's Last Track

We'll never know exactly how he got out of the yard or what he went through during his brief foray into the wild unknown.

It's amazing what kind of reactions and tips you get in a door-to-door search like this one. While one person checked his backyard for us, another led us through the house to check for ourselves. A few told us places to contact, like the Humane Society and local veterinary offices. Most wished us good luck and many took down our number. One told us he'd seen Animal Control picking up a body around 11 a.m. He didn't know for sure if it was a dog or a cat. The security guard at Walmart told us that a small dog was seen running behind the building. (That one was a chihuahua and would not come to us, so its owners are still wondering what happened to their dog.)

We now know about our own. Harry's check with Animal Control confirmed that they picked up Tracker's body from the roadside yesterday. It was just two days shy of coming back to stay with us.
I hope he was happy while he was here.

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