Thursday, October 17, 2013

Movies, Etc.


I watched a movie starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson... Lost In Translation.

The film revolves around an aging actor named Bob Harris (Murray) and a recent college graduate named Charlotte (Johansson) who develop a rapport after a chance meeting in a Tokyo hotel. The movie explores themes of loneliness, insomnia, existential ennui, and culture shock against the backdrop of a modern Japanese city.

What the hell?

Scarlett Johansson
Wikipedia says Lost in Translation was a major critical success and was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor for Bill Murray, and Best Director for Sofia Coppola.

The film was also a commercial success, grossing almost $120 million from a budget of only $4 million.

I thought it was boring and meaningless.

I an glad there are so many other movie viewers who are more sensitive and more perceptive than I. It makes the world a more interesting place in which to live.

Last night I watched, for about the third time, Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday.

Good movie.

Did You Know . . .?

There are coffee flavored PEZ.


On this day, October 17 in 1989, the deadliest earthquake to hit the San Francisco area since 1906 struck at 5:04 p.m. and lasted for 15 seconds. The quake measured 7.1 on the Richter scale, and its aftermath was witnessed on live television by millions of people watching the third game of the World Series of baseball between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics, held at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. The tremor hit moments before the start of the game, and sportscasters were soon performing the duties of news anchors as they reported on the resulting pandemonium in the stadium. The earthquake killed a total of 63 people, while more than 3,000 others were injured and more than 100,000 buildings were damaged.



1.  an immediate consequence or easily drawn conclusion.
2.  a natural consequence or result.
3.  Mathematics a proposition that is incidentally proved in proving another proposition.



Irene Ryan
(October 17, 1902 - April 26, 1973)
Irene Ryan was an American actress, one of the few entertainers who found success in vaudeville, radio, film, television and Broadway. Ryan is most widely known for her portrayal of "Granny" on the long-running TV series The Beverly Hillbillies (1962–1971)

Mae Carol Jemison
(born October 17, 1956)
Mae Jamison is an American physician and NASA astronaut. She became the first black woman to travel in space when she went into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour on September 12, 1992.

George Robert Wendt III
(born October 17, 1948)
George Wendt is an American actor, best known for the role of Norm Peterson on the television show Cheers.

Margaret Ruth "Margot" Kidder
(born October 17, 1948)
Margot Kidder is a Canadian-American actress. She appeared in a wide range of films during the 1970s and 1980s such as Sisters, Black Christmas, The Great Waldo Pepper, The Amityville Horror, and Heartaches. She is best known for her role as Lois Lane in four Superman movies opposite Christopher Reeve, beginning with Superman in 1978.


A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.
--Colin Powell


  1. I was about to agree with you regarding Lost In Translation, but then I began to stare at young Margot and an overwhelming sense of existential ennui overcame me. I fainted. I arose to tell the tale.

    1. Yes, staring at her affects men in strange and diverse ways... enen a SUPERman. Thanks, Anthony, for your excellent comment.