Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and . . .



I ran across an item that I found to be a bit strange:

Sycamore Row, the new novel by John Grisham is being offered directly from Random House in a hardcover edition for $28.95 and in a Large Print Trade Paperback for $29.00. On down farther it lists a special Hardcover edition, leather-bound, signed and numbered, with printed endpapers, gold stamping, a slipcase, and a ribbon marker, selling for $250.00.

No, I am not kidding you.

See for yourself

Amazon lists a hardcover price of $16.36 and paperback is $17.40. Kindle edition is $11.99.

John Ray Grisham, Jr. is an American author of legal thrillers


Re: Richard Dawkins

The Richard Dawkins Foundation For Reason And Science has a remarkably frank and lucid home page on their website.For example, one of the headings reads: "Only 1 in 10 UK Christians seeks moral guidance from religion." This single page is quite enlightening for those who will take the brief time needed to read it.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science is to support scientific education, critical thinking and evidence-based understanding of the natural world in the quest to overcome religious fundamentalism, superstition, intolerance and suffering.

A worthy goal, don't you think?



I really do not know what a poem is anymore. It seems that the definition for poetry is nothing more than a piece of writing that is not prose. It seems to me that the Literary Authority (if there is such a thing) could, and would, come up with a proper appellation for each of the various divisions of what is now all lumped together under the broad designation, Poetry. At this time there seems to be only the distinction between 'Rhyme' and 'Free Verse.'

Seems like there's should be a better way of categorizing it.


Did You Know . . .?

Clans of long ago that wanted to get rid of their unwanted people without killing them would burn their houses down - hence the expression "to get fired."



On this day, October 24 in 1861, workers of the Western Union Telegraph Company link the eastern and western telegraph networks of the nation at Salt Lake City, Utah, completing a transcontinental line that for the first time allows instantaneous communication between Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. Stephen J. Field, chief justice of California, sent the first transcontinental telegram to President Abraham Lincoln, predicting that the new communication link would help ensure the loyalty of the western states to the Union during the Civil War.

The push to create a transcontinental telegraph line had begun only a little more than year before when Congress authorized a subsidy of $40,000 a year to any company building a telegraph line that would join the eastern and western networks. The Western Union Telegraph Company, as its name suggests, took up the challenge, and the company immediately began work on the critical link that would span the territory between the western edge of Missouri and Salt Lake City.

The Western Union was able to connect the East and West Coasts of the nation much earlier than anyone had expected and a full eight years before the transcontinental railroad would be completed.



feign [fayn]
-  to give a false appearance of : feign death
-  to assert as if true :  pretend


(born October 24, 1960)
BD Wong is an American actor, best known for his roles as Dr. George Huang on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, as Father Ray Mukada on Oz, as Dr. John Lee on Awake, Henry Wu in the movie Jurassic Park, his portrayal of Ngawang Jigme in the movie Seven Years in Tibet, as well as voice-over and stage acting.

(born October 24, 1976)
Amy Allen is an American actress and film crew member who portrayed the character Aayla Secura in Star Wars films released in 2002 and 2005. She worked behind the scenes on many different movies, including A.I. Artificial Intelligence, before she acted in Star Wars.

(born October 24, 1947)
Kevin Kline is an American stage and film actor. Kline is an Academy Award winner for his supporting role in the comedy hit A Fish Called Wanda. In Alan J. Pakula's Sophie's Choice he won the coveted role of the tormented and mercurial Nathan opposite Meryl Streep. He made several films with director Lawrence Kasdan, including The Big Chill, Silverado, Grand Canyon, I Love You to Death, and French Kiss.

(born October 24, 1983)
Katie McGrath is an Irish actress and model from Ashford, County Wicklow, Ireland, best known for playing Morgana in the BBC One TV series Merlin.


People say satire is dead. It's not dead; it's alive and living in the White House.
--Robin Williams


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