Friday, May 30, 2014

A Three Dog Night



It was an interesting night. Eva's two sleep-over visitors taught me a few new tricks for getting sleep.

Today I once again marveled at the speed with which these three dogs presently under my care can scarf down a scoop each of dry dog food. They are able to focus on the single act of feeding and completely shut out all other happenings of the moment.

I wish I could focus like that.

It is a warm, sunny morning here in the Tucson area.

A nice day.




  1. If I try to focus, I fail. If I let the moment take me, I find focus. The letting is what's difficult.

    And by the way, my friend, when I read you today, for a moment I focussed on a warm, sunny morning in Tucson. Thanks for that.

  2. "If I let the moment take me, I find focus.." Now that seems to be a piece of advice, Anthony, and it seems to be profound advice. Let me think about it. If I try it and it helps I will let you know. If it does not help, I will keep that to myself.

    The morning was indeed sunny and warm, but the afternoon is ungodly hot.