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"I like the word indolence. It makes my laziness seem classy."
--Bernard Williams


Did You Know . . .?

There are 15 stars on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame that are fictional characters, such as Bugs Bunny and Rugraats.



On this day in 1918, Della Sorenson killed the first of her seven victims in rural Nebraska by poisoning her sister-in-law's infant daughter, Viola Cooper. Over the next seven years, friends, relatives, and acquaintances of Sorenson repeatedly died under mysterious circumstances before anyone finally realized that it had to be more than a coincidence.

Finally, in 1925, Sorenson was arrested when she made an unsuccessful attempt at killing two children in the neighborhood with poisoned cookies. She confessed to the crimes, saying, "I like to attend funerals. I'm happy when someone is dying." Sentiments like this convinced doctors that Sorenson was schizophrenic, and she was committed to the state mental asylum.



(born July 23, 1961)
Woody Harrelson is an American actor. His breakout role came in the television sitcom Cheers as bartender Woody Boyd in 1985. Some notable films include White Men Can't Jump, Kingpin, Natural Born Killers, The People vs. Larry Flynt, and Prairie Home Companion.

(July 23, 1967 – Feb 2, 2014)
Philip Seymour Hoffman was an American actor. He was prolific in both film and theater from the early 1990s until his death at age 46, after which The New York Times declared him "perhaps the most ambitious and widely admired American actor of his generation".

(born July 23, 1940)
Don Imus is an American radio host. His nationally syndicated talk show, Imus in the Morning, is broadcast throughout the United States by Cumulus Media Networks and simulcast on television by the Fox Business Network.

(born July 23, 1973)
Monica Lewinsky is a former White House intern with whom United States President Bill Clinton admitted to having had an "inappropriate relationship" while she worked at the White House in 1995 and 1996. The affair and its repercussions, which included the Clinton impeachment, became known as the Lewinsky scandal.


"Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired."
--Jules Renard



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