Sunday, July 20, 2014

Guest Blogger 7/20/2014

The Problem With The Bikes

We've discovered the first problem with the bicycles.

No, it's not that any parts fell off, nor is it that one of us fell off. The problem with the bikes is that. . . They. Must. Be. Used. Outdoors.

Well, of course, you say. That's the point of a bicycle.

Well, yes. And I've had a glorious few days riding my bicycle and being exhausted and having my legs feel like jelly. However, yesterday we had a new addition. The kitten we adopted finally came to live at our house (we had to wait for her to recover from being spayed).

She's about two months old, according to the rescue people, and she's small. She can't be allowed out (they say for a few months, I say at all because I don't want to lose her to some car or have her just disappear someday), so obviously she can't ride the bike with me.

How do I choose between the two?

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