Sunday, August 31, 2014

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The Trucks Just Keep Getting Bigger

I admit it.

We have a truck addiction in our household.

First, there was the glory and wonder of that little tan Toyota 4x4, the one we bought when we were young and stupid. We paid and paid and paid for that truck because we had no credit and didn't know enough to dicker at the signing table. Still, the truck served us well and we had many years good use out of it.

Then, enter the amazement of the Tundra. Toyota's first true full-size truck (the T-100 was a joke; nice enough, but *not* full-size). We snuck in on the ground floor of that, purchasing one of the first year's models. It's sitting in our driveway this very moment, with about 70,000 miles on it. I'm still in lust with that truck.

You can see the progression, right? Start small, then move into the stronger stuff, then . . . then what comes next? You got it! The hard stuff.

Sigh. Today we signed papers for something a bit bigger.

It's a Volvo VNL64T300. For those of you who know truck-talk, it's the front half of a tractor-trailer rig, with three axles. It's a day cab, in white, with a short nose.

Whether you know truck-talk or not, I think Harry said it best, "This one's torquier."

I hope there's nowhere bigger we can go with trucks . . .

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