Sunday, August 3, 2014

Guest Blogger 8/3/14

My husband replied to my 'Departure' with his own version. With his approval, Harry's side of 'Departure:'


I sighed as I turned the corner onto my road. I am going to have the house all to myself. No Cat - No Dog - No Wife.  The animals are at her mom's and the wife is with our friend in Washington delivering a cage to friends at a bird rescue shelter. (Quiet, alone time...YEH maybe.)

Now most of you know that to me the cat not being in the house is me not having to cover my pool table for the night, or listen to the bathroom door being scratched to death. (No Problem.)

The dog, on the other hand, is so cute and soft and loves me so much that he can't wait to see me. So he barks with exuberance. Then he will bring me every toy in the house until I play with him. (Obviously if one toy isn't thrown, I want to play with another special squeeker, right?). NOoo! I AM TIRED so his attention is not needed either.

I sigh again as I think, the wife on the other hand, Michelle, won't be home either.  Normally, not a problem as I am away a lot of the time. I have been away on special occasions before but this day is our twenty-fourth wedding anniversary.  Most men would be either sleeping on the couch or going dry-dock for at least a month for such an offense. (Some both.)

But my Michelle is not like that.  She knows that when we are together again we will make That our special day.  I can say that we have grown to love each other more and more every year. Friends that know us, and most of my customers, will easily back me on this.

I believe that it is because we communicate.  We don't hide our feelings from each other. Not that we did this from the start.  I think every couple doubts themselves when they first marry.

Can I provide for the both of us?

Should we rent, or go into huge debt and buy a house?

Are you sure you really love me?

Is this where I want to live or is there a better place than Hell-Centro?

Is there life after Kmart?

The questions of life go on and on. This is just an "After Drivel" So I am not going to tell you about all of our life's answers, but this I will tell before I miss the turn into our newly-paved easement to our driveway.

In reality, I may be alone tonight, but my heart and my thoughts will be of our "Special Day."

Copyright 2014 Harry Hakala

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