Friday, October 3, 2014

Can Old People Still Perform?



"I have no talent; it's just a question of working, of being willing to put in the time."
--Graham Greene

Most of the information below was previously written in a reply to a comment offered by a friend, but I decided to re-publish it, because it does skirt the edges of how, at my advanced age of 75, I manage to keep writing, even though I would rather, most of the time, not go to all the trouble and effort it takes to even think, let alone to gather together and formulate the shadowy hints of deep thoughts that float and occasionally flit around on the periphery of my consciousness and poke and prod in tantalizing prompts - with irritating irregularity.

I know so well the mental regret of no longer being able to so easily do those taken-for-granted little nothings such as instantly recalling the exact word I am searching for, those mental activities akin to the physical twistings and turnings of a strong, healthy, instantly responsive, young body.

Each blog entry makes me think, so there is a measure of selfishness ingrained therein; I would much prefer to watch a well-crafted TV movie, or again read a much-read and well-loved book. But instead, I think, and I write, no matter how difficult it seems at the moment. And afterward, I am so glad I did so. Just as daily walking (no matter how much I may dread it) keeps my body physically better than would a sedentary life, so do the pitiful dribs and drabs of researching and writing in a blog each day help keep my mind more in tune with the times - and more able to continue to successfully communicate with others.

I continue to write by forcing myself to sit down in front of my keyboard... and I write. If the words I write are not as good as I would like them to be, I simply delete them, or I publish them anyway. Often I delete everything I write instead of knowingly and callously inflicting them upon the gentle reader. But I write.

Simple as that.

(I said simple, not easy.)


Did You Know . . .?

Americans consume 99 percent of the world's Vicodin supply.



On this day in 1990, less than one year after the destruction of the Berlin Wall, East and West Germany come together on what is known as "Unity Day." Two months following reunification, all-German elections took place and Helmut Kohl became the first chancellor of the reunified Germany. Although this action came more than a year before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, for many observers the reunification of Germany effectively marked the end of the Cold War.



1. Of or relating to audible sound: a sonic wave.
2. Having a speed approaching or being that of sound in air, about 1,220 kilometers (760 miles) per hour at sea level.
3. Slang Extremely exciting and fast-paced: a sonic lifestyle.



(born October 3, 1954)
Al Sharpton is an American Baptist minister, civil rights activist, television/radio talk show host and a trusted White House adviser who, according to 60 Minutes, has "become the president's go-to black leader"

(born October 3, 1973)
Neve Campbell is a Canadian actress. She became known in the 1990s for her teenage roles as Julia Salinger in the drama series Party of Five, and as Sidney Prescott in the horror film series Scream. She has also starred in films such as The Craft (1996) and Wild Things (1998)

(born October 3, 1964)
Clive Owen is an English actor, who has worked on television, stage and film. He first gained recognition in the United Kingdom for portraying the lead in the ITV series Chancer from 1990 to 1991. He then received critical acclaim for his work in the film Close My Eyes before getting international notice for his performance as a struggling writer in Croupier.

(born October 3, 1951)
Kathryn Sullivan is an American geologist and a former NASA astronaut. A crew member on three Space Shuttle missions. She is the first American woman to walk in space.


"I have never understood why people who can swallow the enormous improbability of a personal God boggle at a personal Devil."
--Graham Greene


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