Monday, December 1, 2014

More Idiocy

I have not been entering daily commentary into my blog for some time now. My reason for this is (mainly) because I have grown so damn angry (enraged?) by the shameful over-coverage of the press of what would have been only quickly forgotten minor events if the TV networks had shown restraint instead of their usual blatantly inflammatory goading of viewers into joining into mindless racial confrontations.

I have felt a resurgence of many deeply suppressed emotions while viewing all the seemingly staged events stemming from the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri of a lawbreaker by a policeman doing his duty.

Some of these feelings verged upon a near reappearance of actual racism. This surprised me because I had thought all such idiocy from a past era had long ago been purged from my mind by my acceptance of modern-day ideas and ideals.

Evidently I was wrong.

And so I know it's best that I NOT write about anything at this time.



  1. I'm curious, Gene. Why is it better to write nothing than to write about your frustrations in detail? Are you concerned about possible backlash? I, too, felt frustrated about the Ferguson events. Thuggish behavior passed off by the media as legitimate protest. The appearance of racism that was predetermined to occur by those many who refused to see a lawbreaker for a lawbreaker. Sad and sick. Most irritating to me was reading the many white liberals I know declaring that those of us who failed to agree with their points of view are guilty of not feeling guilty for the so-called "White Privilege" we take for granted.


    1. You asked: "Why is it better to write nothing than to write about your frustrations in detail?"

      Why? Because whatever I might write, might be glaringly wrong. Perhaps my conclusions might be merely the product of my own lack of actual knowledge, or an inability of my mind to perceive and believe those 'truths' so willingly accepted by more liberal minds.

      Of course that does not answer your question.

      So, 'why?'

      I don't know, Anthony.

      I'll think about it.