Monday, September 19, 2011

Is Evil The Opposite Of Good?


What I most enjoy about listening to the Rush Limbaugh show, along with Rush's witty asides, is the unintentional humor that's sometimes presented by the dimwitted radical liberal callers, the know-nothing conservative ditto heads, and the Christian, parent-indoctrinated mush-brained hero-worshipers. One 17 year-old a few days ago said (paraphrased), "It gets me when Obama supporters proclamate..."

'Proclamate?' Well, who knows... maybe that's a perfectly good word.

But I doubt it.

Not worth researching.


Recently I read an article titled Evildoers And Us and one statement in the article stood out from all the rest.

Political evil refers to the willful, malevolent, and gratuitous death, destruction, and suffering inflicted upon innocent people by the leaders of movements and states in their strategic efforts to achieve realizable objectives.

Evil? In my opinion evil is a word that should be removed from the dictionary -- cut out and cast away. There is no all-inclusive correct definition for it. Every definition I have encountered can be easily and intelligently refuted by someone. The concept of evil is as difficult to grasp as is its (supposed) opposite... good.


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