Thursday, November 14, 2013

Back With Eva This Week


Did You Know . . .?

Percentage of Africa that is wilderness: 28% - Percentage of North America that is wilderness: 38%.



 On this day in 1882, the gunslinger Franklin "Buckskin" Leslie shot Billy "The Kid" Claiborne dead in the streets of Tombstone, Arizona. The town of Tombstone is best known today as the site of the infamous shootout at the O.K. Corral. In the 1880s, however, Tombstone was home to many gunmen who never achieved the enduring fame of Wyatt Earp or Doc Holliday. Franklin "Buckskin" Leslie was one of the most notorious of these largely forgotten outlaws.

Leslie's reputation as a cold-blooded killer brought him trouble after his drinking companion and fellow gunman John Ringo was found dead in July 1882. Some Tombstone citizens, including a young friend of Ringo's named Billy "The Kid" Claiborne, were convinced that Leslie had murdered Ringo, though they could not prove it. Probably seeking vengeance and the notoriety that would come from shooting a famous gunslinger, Claiborne unwisely decided to publicly challenge Leslie, who shot him dead.



1. The act of detaining.
2. The state or a period of being detained, especially:
a. A period of temporary custody while awaiting trial.
b. A period of confinement to a detention home.
c. A form of punishment by which a student is made to stay after regular school hours.
3. A forced or punitive delay.



Charles, Prince of Wales
(born 14 November 1948)
Prince Charles is the eldest child and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II. Known alternatively in Scotland as Duke of Rothesay and in South West England as Duke of Cornwall, he is the longest-serving heir apparent in British history, having held the position since 1952. He is also the oldest heir to the throne since 1714.

Condoleezza Rice
(born November 14, 1954)
Condoleezza Rice is an American political scientist and diplomat. She served as the 66th United States Secretary of State, and was the second person to hold that office in the administration of President George W. Bush. Rice was the first female African-American secretary of state, as well as the second African American (after Colin Powell), and the second woman (after Madeleine Albright). Rice was President Bush's National Security Advisor during his first term, making her the first woman to serve in that position.

Edgar McLean Stevenson, Jr.
(Nov 14, 1927 - Feb 15, 1996)
McLean Stevenson was an American actor most recognized for his role as Lt. Colonel Henry Blake on the TV series M*A*S*H.

Mamie Geneva Doud Eisenhower
(Nov 14, 1896 - Nov 1, 1979)
Mamie Eisenhower was the wife of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and First Lady of the United States from 1953 to 1961.


Our houses are such unwieldy property that we are often imprisoned rather than housed by them.
--Henry David Thoreau



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