Sunday, November 24, 2013

Strangers by Guest Blogger


I couldn't park in my driveway when I got home today. There was a big white truck crossways in it, attached to a trailer sitting on my lawn. I was puzzled. Who do I know with a white truck? Oh, the lawn man has a white truck... but he doesn't have a trailer like that one.

I got out of my truck and heard noise. Loud noise. And then a man came around the corner to the trailer...

... and I didn't recognize him.

Worse, he was carrying cement.

The noise continued.

He threw the cement into the trailer and vanished back around the corner.

The noise continued, and now I could tell it was coming from *behind* my house.

The little hairs on the back of my neck stood up, but I brandished my purse and PC as weapons (I was just coming home from work, remember?) and followed the strange man.

The gate to my backyard was open.

In the backyard were two more men.

Before I clobbered one with my purse, though, I realized what they were doing. They'd broken ground for the Fox Room!

The patio is gone. Jagged remnants litter the ground below my elevated  sliding glass door. (To go out, the dog now has about a three-foot jump.) Two trenches line part of where the room will eventually be, and white chalk lines delineate the rest.

I have a feeling my life will be filled with strangers for awhile. I must say, though, jackhammers are noisier than I'd ever imagined.

Copyright 2013 Michelle Hakala


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