Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Don't Know Why I'm So Listless Today

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A couple days ago I watched a movie titled Liberal Arts. I liked it.

Then, last night I watched another one, titled No Country For Old Men. I'd watched it before,  a year or so ago. And I read the book. Liked it too. Of course, it was written by Cormac McCarthy so what's to not like?

(Can't think of anything else I want to write about)


Did You Know . . .?

Miley Cyrus's first job was to pick up the bras and underwear that her dad's fans (Country singer Billy Ray) threw on the stage. She got paid $10 for doing it.



On this day in 1865 Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House, Virginia. They met at a house in Appomattox at 2:00 p.m. on the afternoon of April 9. Lee was resplendent in his dress uniform and a fine sword at his side. Grant arrived wearing a simple soldier's coat that was muddy from his long ride.

Although there were still Confederate armies in the field, the war was officially over. Four years of bloodshed had left a devastating mark on the country: 360,000 Union and 260,000 Confederate soldiers had perished during the Civil War.



author  [AW-thur]
a.  The writer of a book, article, or other text.
b.  One who practices writing as a profession.
2.  One who writes or constructs an electronic document or system, such as a website.
3.  An originator or creator, as of a theory or plan.



Hugh Marston Hefner
(born April 9, 1926)
Hugh Hefner is an American adult magazine publisher, as well as the founder and chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprises.

Keshia Knight Pulliam
(born April 9, 1979)
Keshia Knight Pulliam is an American actress. She is best known for her childhood role as Rudy Huxtable on the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show and as reformed con artist Miranda Lucas-Payne on the TBS comedy-drama Tyler Perry's House of Payne.

Dennis William Quaid
(born April 9, 1954)
Dennis Quaid is an American actor known for his comedic and dramatic roles. Some of his notable credits include Breaking Away, The Long Riders, The Right Stuff, Enemy Mine, Great Balls of Fire!, The Big Easy, Far from Heaven, The Rookie, The Day After Tomorrow, Traffic, Vantage Point, Footloose, Frequency, Dragonheart, Wyatt Earp, The Parent Trap, Soul Surfer, Playing for Keeps and Innerspace.

Cynthia Ellen Nixon
(born April 9, 1966)
Cynthia Nixon is an American actress, best known for her portrayal of Miranda Hobbes in the HBO series Sex and the City (1998–2004), the film Sex and the City (2008) and its sequel Sex and the City 2 (2010).

"Comedy and horror are opposite sides of the same coin. I have the heart of a child. I keep it in a jar on my shelf."
--Robert Bloch



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