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I'm learning a lot about the culture of weight loss. I didn't know there were bloggers out there who were proud to be fat.
--Mick Cornett

Lately I have been feeling listless and, at times, nearly devoid of energy and enthusiasm, And I am wondering how much of this malady is caused by my being subject to the necessity of carrying around almost thirty pounds of excess fat, most of which resides atop my stomach, much of it drooping down around a most unsightly and growing gut.

WHOLE HEALTH SOURCE is a website I visit often. It's owner, Stephen Guyenet says" "I am an obesity researcher and neurobiologist by trade. In my spare time, I read, write, and speak about obesity, metabolism, nutrition, and health. I received a B.S. in biochemistry from the University of Virginia in 2002, and a Ph.D. in neurobiology from the University of Washington in 2009. Whole Health Source is a free resource I publish to communicate science to the public."

His entry for today begins:

Calorie Intake and the US Obesity Epidemic

Between 1960 and 2008, the prevalence of obesity in US adults increased from 13 to 34 percent, and the prevalence of extreme obesity increased from 0.9 to 6 percent (NHANES surveys).  This major shift in population fatness is called the "obesity epidemic"

Now, I know that one cannot lose weight by reading books (or blogs) about obesity and dieting. But I read them anyway. And I agree with much of what is written, especially the scientific material such as that presented by Strphen Guyenet.

The best solution (along with eating very little) is for me is to increase my physical activity, not indulge in more repetition of what is essentially passive research.


I just gotta get with it.


Did You Know . . .?

The remains of a 47 million year old turtle pair fossilized while having sex were recently found.



On April 10 in 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was founded in New York City by philanthropist and diplomat Henry Bergh.

Bergh had been appointed by President Abraham Lincoln to a diplomatic post at the Russian court of Czar Alexander II. It was there that he was horrified to witness work horses beaten by peasant drivers.

Bergh’s dramatic street rescues of mistreated horses and livestock served as a model for those trying to protect abused children. After Mary Ellen McCormack, 9, was found tied to a bed and brutally beaten by her foster parents in 1874, activists founded the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.



active  [AK-tiv]
1.  Being in physical motion: active fish in the aquarium.
2.  Functioning or capable of functioning.
a.  Marked by energetic activity; busy: active stock and bond markets; spent an active day sightseeing.
b.  Involving or requiring physical exertion and energy: an active workout at the gym.
a.  Being in a state of action; not quiescent: active hostilities along the border.
b.  Erupting or liable to erupt; not dormant: an active volcano.
a.  Marked by or involving direct participation: took an active interest in politics.
b.  Currently in use or effect: an active membership.
c.  Openly acknowledged or expressed: an active dislike of the new neighbors.
6.  Producing an intended action or effect: active ingredients.

Activity as a synonym for physical exercise is described by Wikipedia as:

Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. It is performed for various reasons including strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system, honing athletic skills, weight loss or maintenance, as well as for the purpose of enjoyment. Frequent and regular physical exercise boosts the immune system, and helps prevent the "diseases of affluence" such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity. It also improves mental health, helps prevent depression, helps to promote or maintain positive self-esteem, and can even augment an individual's sex appeal or body image, which is also found to be linked with higher levels of self-esteem. Childhood obesity is a growing global concern and physical exercise may help decrease some of the effects of childhood and adult obesity. Health care providers often call exercise the "miracle" or "wonder" drug - alluding to the wide variety of proven benefits that it provides.



Peter C. MacNichol
(born April 10, 1954)
Peter MacNichol is an American actor. He is known in films for his roles of Janosz Poha in Ghostbusters II, Stingo in Sophie's Choice, and David Langley in Bean. For television he is known for the roles of the eccentric lawyer John Cage in the FOX comedy-drama Ally McBeal, as Tom Lennox in the sixth season of action-thriller 24, Alan Birch in the medical drama Chicago Hope, and as physicist Dr. Larry Fleinhardt on the CBS crime drama NUMB3RS.

Chyler Leigh West
(born April 10, 1982)
Chyler Leigh is an American actress, best known for her portrayal of Dr. Lexie Grey on ABC's medical drama Grey's Anatomy. She also portrayed Janey Briggs in Not Another Teen Movie.

Michael Carmen Pitt
(born April 10, 1981)
Michael Pitt is an American actor and musician. Pitt is known in film for his role in Bernardo Bertolucci's The Dreamers. In 2014, he played Mason Verger in Hannibal. In television he is known for his role as Jimmy Darmody in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.

Laura Bell Bundy
(born April 10, 1981)
Laura Bell Bundy is an American actress and singer who has performed in a number of Broadway roles, both starring and supporting, as well as in television and film. Her best known Broadway roles are the original Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray and the original Elle Woods in the musical version of Legally Blonde.


You know what the secret to weight loss is? Don't eat much.
--Simon Cowell


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