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Looking At Climate Change



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Maybe more climate activists will think about the climate change not as an international problem to be resolved in an air-conditioned meeting hall, but as a guerrilla war to be fought in the streets.
--Jeff Goodell

Climate Change

Barack Obama said, "I refuse to condemn your generation and future generations to a planet that’s beyond fixing," he pledged. "We will be judged as a people, and as a society, and as a country on where we go from here."

And he said, "This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet. Let us resolve that we will not leave our children a world where the oceans rise and famine spreads and terrible storms devastate our lands."

He also said, "Global warming is not just the greatest environmental challenge facing our planet -- it is one of our greatest challenges of any kind."

Yet, in the first five or so years of holding office, besides speaking of and warning about it often, what has President Obama accomplished, physically done about climate change?

Besides warning us about it, what can the president himself do, you might ask.

What is one thing President Obama can do to help reduce carbon emissions? He can be an example to the rest of the world's leaders by immediately grounding Air Force One and limiting his (usually unnecessary) meetings with all of the national presidents, prime ministers, dictators, and holy figureheads to teleconferences. You might think this is an inconsequential step. And that may be so... but it is a 'first' step. It is doing something, not merely talking about doing something.

What Is A Possible Cause Of Man-Made Climate Change?

What Is A Possible Result Of Man-Made Climate Change?

So - Why is nothing being done to limit Man's complicity in climate change?

On the part of the citizenry, nothing is being done because of widespread apathy, innate inertia, and a general unconcern for others... " "Who cares what might happen in the distant future?

Whenever I think about the problem of Global Warming or Climate Change I find myself calling upon my limited understanding of evolution, which from a world view may or may not be at all relevant. Climate Change, if it approaches an imminent catastrophic threat to biological life as we know it, will probably force evolutionary changes in existing life forms (including humans) and bring forth on the land new and better replacement entities.


The emergence of Supermen (and maybe Superwomen) -- Think of all the miraculous new powers and additional sensory organs might be added to and used by these newly evolved man- creatures.

Imagine that.


Did You Know . . .?

Indiana State Prison allows murderers to adopt cats and keep them in their cells.



On this day in 1860, the first Pony Express mail, traveling by horse and rider relay teams, simultaneously left St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California. Ten days later, on April 13, the westbound rider and mail packet completed the approximately 1,800-mile journey and arrived in Sacramento, beating the eastbound packet's arrival in St. Joseph by two days and setting a new standard for speedy mail delivery. Although ultimately short-lived and unprofitable, the Pony Express captivated America's imagination and helped win federal aid for a more economical overland postal system.

The initial cost of Pony Express delivery was $5 for every half-ounce of mail.



A word or phrase created because an existing term that was once used alone needs to be distinguished from a term referring to a new development, as an analog watch in contrast to digital watch.

Note: I first encountered the word on Jeopardy. --G.C.



A Special Happy Birthday
Doris Day

(born April 3, 1961)
Eddie Murphy is an American comedian and actor. He was a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1980 to 1984. He has received Golden Globe Award nominations for 48 Hrs., Beverly Hills Cop series, Trading Places, and The Nutty Professor. His work as a voice actor includes Thurgood Stubbs in The PJs, Donkey in the Shrek series and the Chinese dragon Mushu in Disney's Mulan. 

Murphy has played multiple roles in Coming to America, Wes Craven's Vampire in Brooklyn, the Nutty Professor films (where he played the title role in two incarnations, plus his father, brother, mother, and grandmother), Bowfinger, Norbit, and Meet Dave.

(born April 3, 1934)
Jane Goodall is a British primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and UN Messenger of Peace. Considered to be the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees, Goodall is best known for her 45-year study of social and family interactions of wild chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania. She is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and the Roots & Shoots program and has worked extensively on conservation and animal welfare issues. She has served on the board of the Nonhuman Rights Project since its founding in 1996.

(Apr 3, 1926 - Jan 27, 1967)
Gus Grissom, was one of the original NASA Project Mercury astronauts and a United States Air Force pilot. He was the second American to fly in space, and the first member of the NASA Astronaut Corps to fly in space twice. Grissom was killed along with fellow astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee during a pre-launch test for the Apollo 1 mission at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (then known as Cape Kennedy), Florida. He was the first of the Mercury Seven to die. He was also a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross and, posthumously, the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

(born April 3, 1982)
Cobie Smulders is a Canadian actress and former model, known for her roles as Robin Scherbatsky on the television series How I Met Your Mother and Maria Hill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


It's coming home to roost over the next 50 years or so. It's not just climate change; it's sheer space, places to grow food for this enormous horde. Either we limit our population growth or the natural world will do it for us, and the natural world is doing it for us right now.
--David Attenborough



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