Thursday, January 1, 2015

Home Again




This is a view of outside my bedroom window
January 1, 2015

Snow on the ground in Tucson, Arizona


Aging can be fun if you lay back and enjoy it.
--Clint Eastwood

As I was returning from my morning walk to Fry's yesterday I was overtaken by my longtime walking friend, the young and quite comely Ms Mary Ann. She tamed down her usual rapid clip to match my much slower and rather sedate, strolling gait and cheerily sang out, "Gene... it's been a long time." I agreed and told her of my two long holiday trips out to the scrubland with Eva. We conversed as we walked and caught ourselves up on each other's doings.

As we neared my turning point, she paused and said, "Well, it surely was nice to see you again," and she stepped into me and threw her arms around me in a big, tight hug, and she reached up and kissed me on the cheek. I returned her hug with one of my own... and realized that my hand was lower than I'd thought, a bit below her thick coat and grasping her tight dungareed bottom. Of course I immediately transferred my hand upward to carefully pat her on the back in the most friendly manner.

Later in the day Mike came over to help me hook up the toy he'd given me for Christmas, an Amazon FireStick. It's quite an interesting little doo dad. It enables me to stream on my TV simply scads of feature movies, videos, and classic television programs.

So, after Mike left, I selected and watched the black and white movie, Nebraska, starring Bruce Dern as a doddering , often confused , grizzled old man on a ridiculous quest to retrieve a million dollars he had (he thought) been promised to him in a letter from a magazine subscription company. I can see what the movie was suppose to be all about, but in my opinion, it was extremely boring.

And unnecessary.

Who wants to watch a confused old guy going about his muddled, mundane business?

Even later in the day I watched an hour-long segment of the old Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series regarding tribbles.

I enjoyed it immensely.

Then I went to bed... no thought whatsoever to New Year resolutions.


No one can avoid aging, but aging productively is something else.
--Katharine Graham



  1. I second Mary Ann's comment. It surely is nice to read you again.

    1. Thanks Anthony. And I hope you saw the update to the blog entry with its photo of snow in Tucson on New Years Day.