Sunday, January 17, 2010

Education Then And Now

Rensselaer, Indiana Elementary School
circa 1945

Grades 1 through 6

Above is a photo of the elementary school I attended back in the 1940s. It is no longer there, having been torn down long ago, along with the Junior High and the Senor High school buildings.

School days . . .

The word "Education" conjures up an image of laughing chattering children in bright airy classrooms, a small intimate group of eager young minds, lovingly nurtured as they are being instructed by dedicated intelligent caring teachers.


In some communities on this spinning globe or ours such fairy-tale sounding schools actually do exist.

An article in The Atlantic asks,
What Makes A Great Teacher? and then provides an answer.

If you would rather watch a video presentation instead of reading the above-linked article, here it is:

I am doing research on modern education and comparing some of the ideas pertaining to effective methods with those ideas from earlier times.

I will have more to present in the near future. But I found it takes more than just a few hours on a Sunday morning.

But today is Sunday, supposedly a day of rest, so that is what I intend to do for the rest of this bright, warm day in North Florida. After I go out for my daily fitness walk, which will begin in a few minutes

I feel that I should apologize for the brevity of this posting. But if I think that anyone is going to care, them I'm probably being overly optimistic as to the size of my readership.

As always, thank your for visiting and I hope you will follow my day-to-day thought in this web log.

See ya' next time . . .

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