Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today Is Better Than Yesterday

This is the second entry into my new Google Blog. I've learned a few of the basic procedures and aim to learn more as I go along. Trial and error, as it were.

One problem I encountered the first day was formatting the font size. I think for a while I'll just leave it alone, not worry about it until my curiosity gets the best of me. I don't know which font size will please the most readers but maybe they will let me know with some comments.

Another thing I did was added Rensselaer Adventures to my list of favorite blogs to read. Rensselaer to those who don't already already know it, is the little town in Northwest Indiana where I was born and lived for the first 40 years of my life. Even though I moved from there to Chicago and eventually down here to Florida, something about my old hometown still tugs at me.

As for the addition of that blog to my 'favorites' list, we'll see how that works out eventually.

It's probably best for me to wait until later to sign up for the advertising. It wouldn't be worthwhile yet since nobody else even knows I have started this blog. I haven't told anyone about it so there will be no visitors until I do. Of course after the first of my readers come to visit they will surely be so enchanted by it that they'll be certain to spread the word, and word-of-mouth is supposed to be an excellent way to advertise.

While I am preparing this new entry I am also snacking on some supermarket chicken nuggets, a new kind, stuffed with cheddar cheese. They taste acceptable, not delicious by any means, but better than nothing at all. I can't detect a cheddar cheese flavor, though.

The sun was shining brightly as I went for my daily two-mile walk between three and four o'clock yesterday afternoon. And that frigid wind out of the North had waned. Although the temperature was not quite back up in the comfortable range yet, it was much warmer than it had been for the last few days. According to the TV weather people it's supposed to warm up this week, so maybe today's walk will be even more pleasant than yesterday's.

I had a brief face-to-face chat with my next-door neighbor John earlier today. He lost his job at the bank two weeks ago and hasn't found a new one yet. Said he has the possibility of a part-time job interview coming up. I'm not sure what that means, having the possibility coming up. But as long as he knows, that's what counts. I guess.

Sandi Jo brought me over an assortment of citrus, several oranges and a couple of grapefruits, all freshly picked from her neighbor's trees. The oranges were quite tasty, lots of sweet juice and they are easy to peel. That's important with my old fumble-fingers and diminished amount of patience.

As I am typing this I am also listening to some local chatter on my programmable police scanner. I've programmed it to receive the nearby 2-meter Amateur Radio repeater. One of the Hams sounds excited and is hollering about a lot of smoke in the area. Then a few seconds ago the Emergency Rescue Dispatcher called for a vehicle to go out and check on the reports of heavy smoke near Interstate 95.

Well, I finally weighed myself, something I hadn't done for almost a year. 160 pounds. That's a gain of ten pounds since the last weigh-in. Still within my comfort range and I won't complain about it. Two years ago I was at 140 pounds and looked as if I were wasting away. I think 150 is about the best. Looks like I'd better lay off the bread, butter, and American cheese for a while. Been hitting the fried egg and cheese sandwich route a little too often I guess.

It's getting so the NBC evening World News at 6:30 is more like watching a combination morality play adorned with political correctness issues and a free soapbox for Barack Obama to use for keeping his image in front of the eyes of the viewing public and his platitudes banging against their ears. If only the man would actually DO something instead of merely promising to in yet another speech then perhaps things would begin to look up for the citizens of our nation. Those who are granted the privilege of "talking the talk" are expected to get out there and "walk the walk" sooner or later.

But all in all it's in my best interest to remember that today will truly be better than yesterday.

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