Thursday, January 28, 2010

State Of The Union, et cetera

I did not watch President Obama deliver The State Of The Union speech on TV last night. Nor did I listen to it on the radio while working at the computer as I had planned. It seems that a fortunate circumstance beyond my control intervened at the last moment to alter the course of my evening.


Yes, I fell asleep in my easy-chair at just after 8:30. It seems that I have easily assumed the role of the traditional doddering old codger who habitually nods off during even the most momentous of occasions.

Ah well, that's life, as the saying goes.

And speaking of momentous occasions . . . all at once yesterday afternoon I found myself unable to FTP files to my website, and no matter what I tried, that same error-notice pop-up just kept announcing that my ID or Password was incorrect.

My password was saved on my computer and was also printed on a sheet of paper beside my computer. But every time I re-entered it, up popped that same "Incorrect Password" declaration. Again and again. Admittedly my language within that specific half-hour time frame became somewhat less than pious

Eventually I decided to hasten over to the Network Solutions website (my long-time web-host) and use the Manage My Account page to see what I could find out.

Problem solved!

The Web Host had changed my password. Just at the instant I found that out, I remembered an email notification I'd received last month informing me that, for enhanced security, this change would soon be enacted.

But I had forgotten.

Imagine that.

My son told me of a clever saying he'd worked up while walking his dog early yesterday morning. Since he did not give me permission to repeat it (and I neglected to ask) I won't include it here. But I'm still chuckling in appreciation.

According to the latest AWAD pronouncement, the word heliolatry means "worship of the sun" and I most certainly count myself a member of the congregation of these worshipers. Even though I will soon be leaving the state of Florida, my new home will be located beneath the same warming glow of the blessed and most divine old Sol himself.

If one must idolize an object, one could do worse than to choose the very source of biological life, the Great and Glorious Golden GOD . . .

But, enough of such silliness . . . for now.

A cartoon regarding Noah's Ark over on Language Log made me laugh out loud. (Not really, but I did chuckle under my breath)

It takes a certain kind of humorist to make me burst out in audible mirth. Jackie Gleason could do it. So could Red Skelton. And good ol' Johnny Carson.

In The New Yorker online I read a piece written by Woody Allen titled Udder Madness and I found it hilarious. Well, hilarious is perhaps a bit overstated. It was pretty funny though. If one uses one's imagination. In my opinion.

I have been reading about Cuba, and about Jose Marti. My
Spanish has deteriorated over the last few years from lack
of usage. But I can still follow some of it.

Who needs written language when one can listen to music?

Serendipity is looking in a haystack for a
needle and discovering a farmer's daughter.

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