Friday, August 27, 2010

Title, Title, Title . . .

I have not as yet started the renovation and refurbishment of my website -- and as usual, periodic bouts of self-chastisement keep nagging at my conscience. I am such a persistent procrastinator, hesitant of embarking upon happily imagined tasks as well as the tiresome chores, putting off even the most pleasurable pursuits which once begun are all too soon finally and sadly over and done.

Confession. I've heard, is good for the soul, but to whom might one confess with confidence? And what, pray tell, is a soul?

Oh no, I'll not go traipsing off on that all-too-tantalizing tottersome tangent. Not today.

. . .

Last night another creature of the desert surreptitiously crept into the garage. When I was notified of that event I managed to snap a shot of the elusive Arizona Scorpion lurking motionless on the hard concrete floor. After I had its picture safely stored in the digital camera the little beastie suddenly scurried hastily away, apparently in search of some concealment.

Denizen Of The Desert Discovered

And Its Image Duly Here Recorded

. . .

Too lazy to think of something else to write.

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