Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time Heals ALL Wounds?

There are Excessive Heat warnings out today here in Arizona with a forecast of late-afternoon temperatures reaching 112 degrees (in some areas) accompanied by dangerously high humidity.

I will be skipping a long walk today.

. . .

The primary elections are underway in Tucson today. John McCain and J.D. Hayworth are candidates in the race for United States Senator.

Hayworth was once a promoter of a Get Free Government Money scam on a TV infomercial, and when asked by a news reporter about defrauding the public, he said, "Caveat Emptor"

I doubt if that unscrupulous huckster will defeat John McCain, but then again, one is often advised to never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter.

. . .

Rush Limbaugh has temporarily flown his coop, off on some side venture, and one of his second-string guest hosts is again failing to entertain by spouting great gushing gouts of attempted copycat conservative drivel. So, no radio at this time is available to accompany my scribblings -- What, oh what am I to do?

. . .

I have heard that Rosetta Stone's total immersion system is quite effective in helping learn a new language. Having once been fairly fluent in Spanish, I am appalled at how much of this ability I have lost from many years of non-use of the language. I can still read written Spanish, laboriously and with the aid of a good Spanish/English dictionary but unfortunately I can no longer easily understand or speak it with any fluency at all. And I would like to re-learn the language.

Something to think about.

. . .

Again a request to become a Facebook Friend of a former classmate has invaded my computer. This request is from a man who will never again be a 'friend' of any kind to me. This I know, and this sure knowledge is due to a shameful act he performed, at my expense, back in the 1960s, one that I still shudder at with extreme loathing when I remember it. Of course, he does not know that I know of his horribly invasive transgression. He thinks I am in the dark as to his crime.

Some things are unforgivable.

As far as I'm concerned.

(time is passing)

Okay, I have calmed down now. But I have nothing more to say at the moment.

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