Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mostly Photos Today

While walking Eva in last night's early evening hours we spied a hole alongside the path that housed a furry resident... a tarantula. I had my camera in my pocket so I snapped a quick shot, but only caught a couple of the spider's legs. Didn't want to get too close to the hole's entrance because I was told that tarantulas are able to jump pretty high. I'm getting more cautious in my old age.

Legs of a Tarantula hidden in a hole

Then later, after dark, Mike got a picture of another tarantula, this one out on the deck of the swimming pool. I don't yet have a copy of that photo but I will try to post it in an upcoming blog entry.

This morning I again marveled at the subtle gradations of light and color on the Santa Catalina mountain tops to the North. Sadly, I have been unable to capture the feeling of grandeur that I sometimes feel when observing this constantly changing panorama in the early morning hours.

Here are six attempts to do so.
(Click the pic to enlarge it)

More later . . . maybe.

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