Friday, August 19, 2011

Will Power And Self Control


The digital scale informed me this morning that I now weigh 170.4 pounds. Six months ago I weighed 160 pounds -- the weight I had maintained for a number of years. This evidently means that I have reached a new and excessively high plateau. Something must be done about this.

Resolved: On this day, August 19, 2011, I will stop overeating and will lose at least ten pounds within the next four months. By the end of this year I will weight 160 pounds or less.

Hey! Don't doubt my ability to control my physical appetites by will power.

Right on . . .


TV News reported that Wells Fargo Bank will soon be charging customers a hefty fee for using its debit card, and that their depositors are protesting this action. Why, I wonder. All a majority of their depositors have to do is move their money to a different bank; that will put a quick end to the problem. And if other banks try to do the same thing, one can always stop using the debit cards and pay with a credit card... or with cash.


It really pisses me off that I get so pissed off about such trivial incidents

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