Monday, November 28, 2011

Herb Roasted Chicken For Dinner


I've been diddling with a poem idea that won't leave me alone. It begins:

The ubiquitous horde of artistic folk
who dwell in the town of Drivelville
applaud each launch
of peer-lauded spew
to snare their fair share of attention.

Dah, dah, dah, dah, da Dah . . .

There is an interesting list offered on Arnold Zwicky's blog. It is, as Zwicky puts it, a partial inventory of postings on language rage, language peeving, word aversion, and word attraction on Language Log and this blog.

A short example is:

No free speech for spam rage

USA Today reports that when Charles Booher got mad at a Canadian company that spammed him, and threatened to shoot or torture them and send them anthrax unless they removed him from an e-mail list, Federal agents turned up at his home and arrested him. He's looking at five years in jail and a fine of a quarter of a million dollars.

The entire list is HERE.


I read that it is insensitive to refer to another person as being an 'idiot' or 'lamebrain' or a 'retard' and that the proper and acceptable appellation for those afflicted with LD (learning disabilities) is 'neurologically different.'

If, unlike me, that subject interests you, then you might like to read some thoughts about LD in a short piece titled “Things not to say to LD people (or their parents)”at THIS LINK.

Or, if you are a writer or writer wannabe, you might like to read a Fictionaut article written by an adult with neurological differences...

Marty Castleberg

Last Sunday I wrapped up my TV News stint by watching Meet The Press wherein Bob Schieffer hosted a discussion with four authors: Condoleeza Rice, Michael Lewis, Walter Isaacson, and Kathryn Stocket.

Whether or not I learned anything from the group is questionable, but I did enjoy the half-hour.

I saw a YouTube video titled: disproving intelligent design with a mouse trap. Of course, there have been creationists who have used a mousetrap to prove intelligent design. Now, the mousetrap is being used to disprove it.

Disproving Intelligent Design with a mousetrap.


Evolution is the non-random survival of randomly-produced variations.
--Something Surprising blog

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