Monday, November 14, 2011

Something Completely Different



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Why do I continue to write in this blog? Good question. Its meager content is neither prolific nor profound but is instead no more than quick random rambles of sporadic thoughts that occur to me at the instant of composition. And I know that these inane bits I write have very few readers.

If there is one positive thing I can say about the blog it is that it serves to illustrate what is on my mind at each particular instant as I write, although that's probably not exactly a smart idea.


English Grammar

Even though I make mistakes in grammar, I am somewhat obsessed with correct usage. For instance:

While watching TV I noticed on a Boeng commercial that an employee stated that the manufacturing of jet aircraft is literally making the world smaller. Literally? Really? Is the planet actually made physically smaller in size because of speed of travel? Of course not. The speaker should have said figuratively making the world smaller.

My new word of the day is bellicose

Demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight.
warlike - combative - militant

Along with the above, I often see the words forcible and forceful used and I found myself wondering what the difference is in the definitions of them. I looked them up and found: These words sometimes overlap, but generally "forceful" means "powerful" ('he imposed his forceful personality on the lions') while "forcible" must be used instead to describe the use of force ('the burglar made a forcible entry into the apartment').


One of the blogs I view every single day is Rensselaer Adventures, and sometimes it features photos and text regarding areas labeled 'not Rensselaer' -- such as one posting dedicated to the small town of Fowler, Indiana. In case someone might be interested in the town.


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