Sunday, November 13, 2011

Twists And Turns Of The Mind


In an interesting little piece, George Will wrote:

The Stolen Valor Act of 2005, a compound of political pandering and moral exhibitionism, was whooped through the Senate, aka the "world's greatest deliberative body," by unanimous consent; the House, joining the stampede, passed it by a voice vote.

The Stolen Valor Act allows fines and imprisonment for anyone who falsely claims to have been awarded any military decoration or medal authorized by Congress, with the severest sentences for claiming the highest honors.

Read more: Our problematic speech - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

George Will's articles (and others) always provoke me to introspection, for some reason, often resulting in stirring up intense anger and resentment within my innermost secret thoughts--angers and resentments completely unrelated to the original article. And often it features as the villain: The government. The government. The government.

What it is with me, I suppose, is this festering rage against all authority figures I've always felt, beginning in my subteen years and building throughout my lifetime. Just what is it, I've always wondered, that gives another person (or group of persons) the right to tell me what I can or cannot do?

This question has plagued me all my life and has been the source of many, many misguided, stupid, and just plain wrong decisions I have made. No, I'm not blaming the government for my mistakes in life...

...or am I?


The Sunday morning TV news shows, sadly, were again profoundly disappointing to me. the Penn State scandal, the Republican debates and the candidate gaffes, and the so obvious schadenfreude of the commentators and round table participants...

And it rained quite a bit this morning, too... which puts a damper on my daily walk schedule.


We understand nothing of the works of God unless we take it as a principle that He wishes to blind some and to enlighten others.
--Blaise Pascal

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