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Poutine -- A Unique Taste Treat

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"What the devil is Poutine?" I asked.

"Poutine, and it's pronounced Pew-tin by the way, not Poo-teen, is a Quebec dish, made with French Fries topped with Cheddar Cheese Curd and soaked in a hearty super-heated thick brown gravy."

"Oh Gee Whiz," I said, "Chili-Cheese Fries?"

"No, not exactly. Poutine is a French-Canadian food that tastes a little bit like American Gravy Cheese Fries, but just a little bit. There's actually a world of difference between the two."

"So, it doesn't taste like gravy soaked cheese fries? What does it taste like?"

"The taste is indescribable."

"You don't say?"

Recipe for Poutine.

The potato (French Fry) must be hand-cut, absolutely fresh, and fried in pure lard.

The gravy, sometimes called BBQ Chicken Gravy is dark and very thick, and it must be bubbling hot.

The cheese is the most important part. You must use FRESH white, cheddar cheese CURDS. These curds have a taste and texture much different than actual cheddar cheese.

A Styrofoam bowl should be used in which to serve Poutine, since the Styrofoam reacts to produce the proper heat when the steaming gravy is poured over the cheese curd to create the dish's unique flavor.

It's said that when the curds are placed on the fries and the thick bubbly gravy is poured on top, the three flavors combine to produce what can only be described as the BEST junk food taste sensation on God's Green Earth.

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