Sunday, February 16, 2014

Guest Blogger 2-16-2014

The First Bath

Today I had my first bath since 1998 or so.

(Stop laughing now. We do have a shower, too, you know.)

As I ran the water into the tub and marveled at the flow and the temperature, I also grumbled about the faucet. It's a single handle, and I like doubles. The singles are way too complicated for me to figure out when I'm tired and dirty. I did, however, find that you have to turn the handle all the way to the left for hot water and then turn it back toward the right to add in cold. Bizarre, since somewhere in the middle is where it has its best flow.

Puzzle solved, I gathered the accouterments. (The bathroom is still stripped and has no "standard" equipment. Yet.) Towel, shampoo, washcloth, book, robe, soap. Soap? Where's the soap? I had to settle for bringing in a dispenser of Softsoap. Then I found there was no place handy to set my book down when I was done reading, so I brought in a little table, too.

Ah! As Bilbo Baggins said, there's nothing quite as good as water hot poured down the back.

Then again, the floor show was pretty good. It hadn't occurred to me before, but neither of my current pets has ever seen anyone take a bath in HexHouse.

The whole time I was running the water, gathering stuff, and getting in my bath, Bounty stood half-in/half-out of the bathroom door. There was no way I was getting *him* in that giant dog-bathing tub! He was curious, but ready to run at a moment's notice. When I got in the tub and settled down to read, he finally decided I wasn't coming after him
and laid down.

Far enough away I couldn't reach him.

After that, it was Smudge's turn. To him, the bathtub is the place where his litter box lives, and he was very confused to have me sitting in it. He crept in cautiously, sneaking up on the bathtub. Eyes huge, he peered over the edge and eventually got up enough courage to put his front paws up and have a good long look at the place his litter box should be.

Can you see his nose twitching as he tries to understand what has happened? Can you see the caution in every sinew as he stretches to see what's going on in his tub? Imagine his surprise to find his litter box place filled with water!

Poor guy. He left, looking as confused as he was when he came in. Bounty watched him go from where he lay safely by the door. Briefly I wondered what they were thinking about and if they had any conversation during the moment the cat passed the dog. Then I realized I likely didn't want to know.

I probably couldn't print that kind of words.

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