Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scent of Construction by Guest Blogger

The Scent of Construction

Nobody told me a lot of things about construction. This week, I realized another of those "forgot-to-tells."

Nobody told me there would be ... smells.

First it was the smell of dust. Dirt-type dust, kicked up by many pairs of construction-men feet. Then wood-type dust as these (in many instances, same) construction-men built a framework around which a room would take shape. Then drywall-type dust, as the framework took on flesh.

Each dust had its own scent. I could soon tell when I walked in the front door if and where the guys had been working that day.

Just when I got used to these dust-scents, new odors permeated my house. Linoleum adhesive, paint, and the odor of new carpet invaded my space.

Over the weekend, vinyl. Today, acetone and stone glue. (Granite epoxy?)

Each day is a new adventure for my eyes, my ears, my fingers, and my nose. You'd think I'd have enough by now, right? Well, yes.

But no.

The construction creep continues and we'll likely make the decision this week to redo kitchen cabinets and countertops. The "pantry" area behind the kitchen looks so nice we think the kitchen should match it. Originally, we thought we'd wait a year or so, settle down, clear our noses of dust. But then we thought about it and realized in a year or so we may not be able to match what we add to what's already there. You know how styles and such change.

So, replace existing countertops. Wait, let's replace countertops and cabinets. No, let's replace countertops, cabinets, sink, and oven. Oh! Let's redesign it!


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