Sunday, February 23, 2014

Guest Blogger 2-23-2014

Life Events and Construction Snippets

Next month or the month after, I have to get a colonoscopy. Nothing serious, but the doctor wants to be sure. (Do they laugh when they write out that lab slip?)

Seriously, though, keeping ourselves healthy is something we can do something about, and as a member of one of the lists I'm on said, "Get your colon oscoppied (and Ladies, also your mammies grammed)!" These tests can be yucky, but they can and do save lives.

I finally figured out the best thing about renovation. It's all about the things I'm replacing: the toilet in the back bathroom, the shower, the tub. You know what it is? When you replace something, you don't have to clean it! Why clean something that's being ripped out tomorrow? This adventure has been a grand housecleaning vacation.

With the crew taking apart the back bathroom, I'll also be very glad when the dirt on the floor doesn't include pieces of broken tile.

Some of you may be glad to know I've discovered the Beer Spoon. You know that spoon you get with your plate of spaghetti in a restaurant? In our house, one comes with the beer, too. We're still learning the ins and outs of our beer dispenser, so we haven't quite got the foamy part right yet. Each glass of beer can come with up to three-quarters of the glass full of fuzzy stuff. All that white, frothy stuff is a bit of a bother. (Remember some commercial where guys were blowing the head off the beer? Which brand was that?)

Enter the Beer Spoon.

It's very simple. You pour at the dispenser, then you move to the sink. Pick up the Beer Spoon, and shovel that foam right into the sink. Repeat two or three times and you've got a glass that's mostly beer instead of foam. Voila!

More construction lessons:

     * Hide anything you don't want broken, like dust pans and buckets
     * Hide anything you don't want dirty, like good towels and your best slacks
     * Remove anything from the room BEFORE construction begins if you want to keep it
     * Offer food and water to the crew (it works!)
     * Check the bedroom alarm clock daily for room-specific power outages
     * Check the windows you don't normally open before going to bed
     * Lock the beer dispenser (or at least the Beer Spoon)

In a couple of weeks, the kitchen work begins. Can I come to your place for dinner?

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