Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Change In The Weather



“One horse-laugh is worth ten-thousand syllogisms.” 
--H.L. Mencken

Just at daybreak Eva and I went out onto the pool deck so she could attend to her morning ablutions (?) and I hastily stepped back, startled, as an unusual hint of frosty feeling nipped at the skin of my exposed arms. The wind whipping in from across the desert from the mountains was actually cold -- I haven't felt coldness for quite some time. I walked over to the outdoor thermometer and could hardly believe my eyes. The temperature was 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Eva was running laps around the pool joyfully, paying no attention to the chill. She runs joyfully when the temperature is 110 degrees and when it is zero. It's just wonderful, you know, to be young, strong, and healthy and free to run around and around that cement pond.

You know?


Did You Know . . .?

Vivid flashes of a memory like getting your favorite toy at Christmas, seeing a loved one die, or remembering exactly what you were doing during 9/11, are called flashbulb memories, and they are formed during times of high emotion or surprise.



On this day in 1962 at Oxford, Mississippi, James H. Meredith, an African American, was escorted onto the University of Mississippi campus by U.S. Marshals, setting off a deadly riot. Two men were killed before the racial violence was quelled by more than 3,000 federal soldiers. The next day, Meredith successfully enrolled and began to attend classes amid continuing disruption. In 1966, Meredith returned to the public eye when he began a lone civil rights march in an attempt to encourage voter registration by African Americans in the South. Just two days into the march, he was sent to a hospital by a sniper's bullet. Meredith recovered and rejoined the march he had originated.



1. in a dying state; near death.
2. on the verge of extinction or termination.
3. not progressing or advancing; stagnant.



(born September 30, 1961)
Eric Stoltz is an American actor. He is known for playing the role of Rocky Dennis in the biographical drama film Mask, and has appeared in a wide variety of films from mainstream fare like Some Kind of Wonderful to independent films like Pulp Fiction, Killing Zoe, and Kicking and Screaming. He recently portrayed Daniel Graystone in the science fiction television series Caprica, and became a regular director on the television series, Glee.

(born September 30, 1931)
Angie Dickinson is an American actress who has appeared in more than 50 films and starred on television as Sergeant Leann "Pepper" Anderson in the successful 1970s crime series Police Woman.

(born September 30, 1935)
Johnny Mathis is an American singer. He became highly popular as an album artist, with several dozen of his albums achieving gold or platinum status and 73 making the Billboard charts to date. Johnny Mathis has sold well over 350 million records worldwide

(born September 30, 1957)
Fran Drescher is an American film and television actress, comedian, producer, and activist. She is best known for her role as Fran Fine in the hit TV series The Nanny (1993–99), and for her nasal voice and thick New York accent.


"I just stepped in shit, and now I’ve got political rhetoric all over my shoes.” 
--Jarod Kintz




  1. I won't say it again. I won't. I really won't. I won't repeat myself with regard to holding great affection for your Eva Tales. Neither will I tell you that reflecting upon the vigor of youth, as you watch Eva's happy run, marks the bittersweet thoughts of an intelligent mind.

    1. Your pinpointed insights sometimes astound me, Anthony.