Sunday, September 28, 2014

Guest Blogger 9/28/14

The Journey

It's been a long wait, hasn't it? Almost a month has passed since I told you I had applied for another position within my company. I thank you all for your patience, and your prayers.

Today, I was offered a position. It's not the one I originally went for, though. Therein lies a tale, and so I'm here Driveling it.

I originally applied for an Intermediate Operations Specialist position. (I am currently an Intermediate Business Information Analyst.) This new job had a primary function which would take up most of the person's calendar, with a bit of space left over for the odd analyst-type task. It was within the team I'd been ripped away from a few months ago, and while I didn't know the primary function I was sure I could learn.

Just after the time of the interviews, the race was between myself and one other person; one other person who was currently doing some of that primary function and had had some training in the rest of it. He was stiff competition and I bit my lip and chewed my nails as both of us waited for a decision.

Time dragged and it seemed as if things were thrown in the way. "No news today, we're waiting on x." became something I heard often. Then about three weeks ago, when I was about to stop asking for fear I'd be disqualified as too much of a pest, the hiring manager and her manager took me aside.

"We've decided to offer the position to him," the manager's manager said, and then added without pause, "but we received approval from the big boss to open a second position." Then they explained to me that they were short-handed enough, and had such good prospects apply, that they wanted to hire us both. In order to do that, they would give the other person the slot originally opened, since he was already doing some of that work, and open a second, senior, position.

I didn't have to reapply or reinterview, but I would have to wait for the week to pass that is required for a job posting. If anyone qualified applied, I would have to wait for them to stagger through the interview process.

That time came and went, and the hiring manager went out on vacation. I got sick and spent three days not caring about any position at all, and when the following Monday rolled around, the Human Resources person setting everything up (including preliminary questions for prospects) was on vacation.

Another week to wait!

Well, not quite. Here it is, not quite a week, and I've been offered, and accepted, the second position to open. Once negotiations with my current boss are completed (about when I can start and how to handle the old workload during transition), I will be a Senior Operations Specialist.

It's been worth the wait (though I may not have thought so during it) and I am looking forward to waking in the morning eager to go to work.

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