Sunday, September 21, 2014

Guest Blogger 9/21/14

The Hope of Change

For a long while I've had nothing to say. Work was the same, alaHouse was the same, and the days blended into one another.

Then on a bit ago, my computer's hard drive died. I hadn't done backups as religiously as I should have, so I sent my computer to a data recovery place. Even knowing the PC wouldn't boot, it was hard to watch it walk out the door with some stranger.

After what felt like forever but was really just short of two weeks, I was told they couldn't save any data.

Ultimately, after receiving my computer back, and putting stuff back on it from backups, it looks like I lost two weeks' worth of data. (Plus the time that I didn't have my primary system, so I have stuff to move and integrate.)

Two weeks of accounting, two weeks of Desk Drawer stuff, two weeks of Journal Entries. All gone. Some of it, of course, is replaceable: the bank statements tell me what the accounting program is missing, the archives kept track of Desk Drawer for me, high scores on video games are fleeting things anyway, but one thing can't be reconstructed.

My Journal for those two weeks is gone. Tragically, I'll never know what I was thinking.

The PC is almost totally put back in order, and at the tail end of all this excitement, our television and DVD player decided to conspire against us.

Perhaps it's some sort of electronic flu.

Harry and I decided to get what he's been wanting for awhile, so we called some places for quotes on a home theatre. After a week or two of dealing with inept service folk (and just after doing this with the ones who tried to recover data off my broken PC - some truly idiotic people), we found someone really good. The final result is surprisingly amazing.

A 50" Samsung plasma HD television now fills (*really* fills) the Green Room closet. The old entertainment center is moved out, and a new console holds all necessary equipment. New speakers have been recessed into the ceiling, and the old ones moved to the Fox Room.

alaHouse is wired for sound.

On the work front, I've applied for another position (in my same company) and this one I passionately want. I've had one interview (twenty-two questions!) and there's to be another tomorrow.

I don't know how many applied, but I feel like my first interview went well, and I have high hopes. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I work my way through the hiring process. The wheels turn slowly, so be patient for news.

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