Saturday, September 1, 2012

World's Greatest Country . . .


I took some time from my busy, busy schedule (yeah, right) to view a couple of Youtube videos, and afterward, was glad I did so.

HBO's NEWSROOM -- Opening scene:

Why America's Not the Greatest Country

And then I watched Seth Andrews (The Thinking Atheist) talk about what he wants in a president:

What do you really want in a president?

It does my heart good to discover that I am not alone in my way of thinking.



contralto [kuhn-tral-toh]
the lowest female voice or voice part, intermediate between soprano and tenor.
the alto, or highest male voice or voice part.
a singer with a contralto voice.



 Edgar Rice Burroughs

Born Sept. 1, 1875
Died Mar 19, 1950

Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American author, best known for his creation of the jungle hero Tarzan and the heroic Mars adventurer John Carter, although he produced works in many genres.

Born Sept. 1, 1939
Age: 72 years old.

Mary Jean "Lily" Tomlin is an American actress, comedian, writer, and producer. Tomlin has been a major force in American comedy since the late 1960s when she began a career as a stand up comedian and became a featured performer on television's Laugh-in. Her career has spanned television, comedy recordings, Broadway, and motion pictures, enjoying acclaimed success in each medium. She has won many awards including Tony Awards, Emmy Awards, and a Grammy Award and has also been nominated for an Academy Award. Tomlin's humor is often sharp and insightful in the traditions of standup comedians, but also frequently endearing, slightly wacky, and generally quite "family friendly" in the tradition of television comediennes such as Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, and Eve Arden.

 Conway Twitty

Born Sept. 1, 1933
Died June 5, 1993.

Conway Twitty, born Harold Lloyd Jenkins, was an American country music artist. He also had success in early rock and roll, R&B and pop music. He held the record for the most number one singles of any act with 40 No. 1 Billboard country hits until George Strait broke the record in 2006. From 1971-76, Twitty received a string of Country Music Association awards for duets with Loretta Lynn. He was never a member of the Grand Ole Opry, but was inducted into both the Country Music and Rockabilly Halls of Fame.

Rocky Marciano

Born Sept. 1, 1923
Died Aug 31, 1969

Rocky Marciano,born Rocco Francis Marchegiano, was an American professional boxer and the World Heavyweight Champion from September 23, 1952, to April 27, 1956. Marciano is the only champion to hold the heavyweight title and go untied and undefeated throughout his career. Marciano defended his title six times.


Always do whatever's next.
--George Carlin

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